IDK What I’m Doing

I used to know what sleep was. That magical feeling of crawling into crisp white sheets and staying put for 8+ hours. Its now more of a distant memory, a feeling of nostalgia. I have been a mom of two for 6 months now. One was easy enough. Keep her happy, help her become a good person, and rest when she did. Then her sweet, sweet little sister came into the scene. They have such vastly different personalities already, it has been the adjustment of a life time! Natalie is spunky, energetic, and basically the human version of a firework. Brynn is cuddly, dependent, and well… a needy baby. Don’t get me wrong, attending to her needs is something I love to do. I feel loved, needed, and fulfilled being a mom of 2. Challenged, but happy. I am walking through many days, feeling slightly zombie-ish, with a messy bun and a coffee in hand.

I can be so incredibly hard on myself a mom. It’s hard not to be in this day, with social media flashing pictures of the perfect house, the perfectly dressed kids, and home cooked meals. I constantly compare myself to so many insta-moms and bloggers, wishing I could effortlessly pull off a life like they can. It is far too easy to forget that they are like me, working so hard to do their best. So, just because I’m not like them, doesn’t mean I’m not doing a good job. My kids may not be dressed in handmade Etsy clothes everyday (ok.. ever) and we might eat frozen food as often as fresh.. BUT my kids, myself and my husband are happy, we have a roof over our head, we love each other, and we laugh A LOT.

There is a fairly good chance no one is ever going to read this blog, and that’s okay. This can be my place gather my thoughts, and if you feel like following along, please do! Stay tuned for a family introduction next.


Author: ashleighafterhours

Brand new blogger. Loving wife. Mommy x 2. Canadian.

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